Thursday, August 13, 2009

dont do it

My Castle of Quiet horrorcast No. 8 is up and running, though not necessarily to the gun store. Jed and I contemplate shopping for a pistol, on-air suicide, low- and hi-grade Fulci, and scattering my ashes over a kiddie pool in Oakland, CA. Somehow, we still sound more like two guys in a diner than the magnificent black magicians we actually are.

Clicking on Susan K's photo (taken at Monumental Cemetery, Milan) will guide you to the playlist/archive page. With the stars Anubi, Gregor Jabs, and Métal Rouge.


  1. William, thanks for creating another fine "audio Castle". "The Sentinel" really brings back memories. What's the dark ambient music playing when you & Jed are talking about Fulci movies & etc? And really DON'T do it! That said, Oakland's really nice & so is their cemeteries

    RagnarR in SFBay

  2. RagnarR, the music behind the first mic break is a loop of the menu screen from the Fearless Vampire Killers DVD; music by K. Komeda. Thanks for listening! I love the Bay Area!