Sunday, June 28, 2009

Screen & Audio Capture(s) of the Day - Fiend

Fiend, released in 1980, is one of those transcendent, low-budget oddities that triumphs far beyond its obvious minimum of means. Creepy and clever, Fiend is loaded with original ideas, bizarre dialogue, unexpected twists and (not to worry) a wealth of B-grade charms.

Check WFMU's Beware of The Blog tomorrow morning for my "full report" on Fiend and The Alien Factor (1978), both directed by Baltimore underground legend Don Dohler.

>>>Download choice audio: Fiend Main Titles and Opening Scene, Music by Paul Woznicki

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  1. This "Fiend" movie is something I've been really curious in the past months. My friends told me about it and now you too, so I'd like to know where can I download it, cause I won't pay for it!