Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Premiering Tonight!

Horror movies, metal and noise—three great tastes that go great together.

In search of ossuaries, graveyards, gothic cemetaries, horror-film festivals and vampire clubs interested in hosting live, remote broadcasts.


  1. If you'll forgive me for plugging my own music, I have many tracks online, any of which you're welcome to use.

    Previous radio plays include Quebec's Le Vestibule (a few years ago, before he cheered up), the Hour of Slack and scooter's Innerside on KPFT.

    For your purposes, I'd suggest Lake Ambrose ( ) as a first taste. There are many more tracks on that site, though I use for valvogoth ( ) because it's 22 minutes long. Scooter used that track as a bed for most of a recent show of his.

  2. Just John: I really like the "Valvogoth" track; reminds me a bit of Conrad Schnitzler. Very nice. Can't say exactly if or when I'll play it, but I've added it to my mp3 library.

  3. P.S. John you should send a CD (or CDr) to WFMU.

  4. A) Thanks.

    B) I have sent WFMU at least a couple CDs. Back when it first came out in '02, I send in my "Ayatollah of Understatement." It was via Ampcast, who went under, so now you can get it via Lulu. I think I also sent in "The Old Double Melman." (Its liner notes describe what's going on.) That's also on Lulu.

    Finally, a few months ago, I sent in two copies of "Living Room Covers," credited to That Room. This was a home-burned EP of stuff friends and I recorded in 1987-88. It's all cover versions, so it's not a "real" release. But WFMU's all paid up in the licensing department, so you might enjoy the cover of "Come Together" for its added spookiness. Here's an mp3 of it (ILLEGAL for non-license-paid-up people): and here's the liner notes:

    It also features the weirdest damn version of "Free Bird" ever, tho that's probably outside of your show's desired ambiance.

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