Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feldman Follow-up: "Why Patterns?" 1978

Per my earlier post, here is my preferred version of "Why Patterns?"—infused with human pondering, emotion, forgetfulness...breaths held and breaths released. It makes sense to me, in general, to favor renderings of 20th Century music that actually feature the composer as performer and/or conductor (perhaps because my orientation is so rooted in 60s/70s rock.)

Why Patterns? (1978)

Eberhard Blum, flute
Jan Williams, percussion
Morton Feldman, piano

Recorded 12.17.78. From CRI CD 620 (released in 1992; now out of print.) Click link for info on the recording. This is a dub from cassette. Download available for 7 days only.

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