Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Sure, I'm solid, but these older bones don't hold the chassis upright as well as they used to. The whole mechanism is vitally alive, yet undeniably in decline, fighting the good fight against collapse like that tower in Pisa. And I forget myself when I see hard, head-swirling, hi-speed metalpunk played live; the natural urge to stumble into the pit threatens to take over.  Fortunately, WFMU's Studio B has barely enough room for the average man to stand gut-to-butt, let alone mosh. Good thing, because TOXICOLOGY salted the Castle earth with their tight, careening force last night, and a great time was had by all. Thanks again to Devon and the band, personable dudes all, and the boys in Pink Mass for the connect & support (and for commenting on the wrong playlist for a solid 15; oh, how we laughed!)

Lots of playlist favorites noted in our listener comments last night: Sleep's killer 2014 12" single | that super new Graves at Sea album (keeps giving) | 2009 Hellvete (our old friend Glen Steenkiste; hear his new split with Bear Bones, Lay Low) | a recently issued, vibrant rendition of a 1983 Morton Feldman piece | ...and of course lots of love for Toxicology, both in our playlist comments, and on our My Castle of Quiet Facebook group wall.

NEWSFRONT: Our 2016 WFMU Marathon premium CDrs are IN; so if you pledged to get a copy of Anthems (classic video-game themes & misty metal), hopefully that's in your hands soon. Enjoy!
And yes, those sleeves are designed (by me) to look fucked/Xeroxed to hell....

Lastly, as WFMU's Winter/Spring schedule winds down, I felt the urge to get in another Scandinavian Prog Special, last year's being an enjoyable departure from our more-standard fare, as well as one of our more popular/visited archives. Again, here is Scandinavian Prog Special, v.1, from 2015 June. V.2 happens NEXT WEEK, so get out your pointed curly shoes, your pickled sheep face & smoked herring, and start cleaning your dope on that Theodor Kittelsen art book. More Songs by Guys Named Jukka and Bo is upon us!

Thanks as always for your ear & participation!


  1. How about a Castle Jazz special? You up to the challenge Wm.?

  2. I'm sure I have the material, somewhere in my collection. Prog is just nearer & dearer to my heart. Truly "Castlesque" jazz, with a dark, spooky feel, would be a challenging playlist to assemble though, thanks for the suggestion!