Wednesday, November 18, 2015

...the darkness which just exudes all around

No, I do not have a captivity-torture setup in my basement, but I'd build one for the right gal! I'm adaptable; one of the benefits of aging is that some at least become more capable of growth.

Glad to be back on air after a week off, recharged and with the music cup running over as always.

Pretty intrigued by that Invisible Guest cassette, of which we heard a side...came to me with no info, and is quite good—just the kind of languid, eerie instrumental music I'm listening to a lot of late—so whomever you are, Invisible Guest, perfect timing!

Other personal highs included, but were not limited to:  Unspeakable (St. Louis) | new Yellow Eyes (pre order) | Grip | new punk LPs from Soft Shoulder & Cuntz | Moonspawn | the Warground / Hithaeglir split cs on pop nihil ...

Much listener enthusiasm for: the great Cape of Bats (recently heard them for the first time, an immediate favorite, just dripping with all the things I love) | vintage PiL | vintage Birthday Party (I realized that I play The Birthday Party & Nick Cave about as often as Matt Warwick plays Can, and that's just fine | Vorpal Sword (coming soon, here) | great new DA LP (DA shop)

Another still this week from Catherine Breillat's Bluebeard; I've yet to see a film of hers that I didn't deeply appreciate, all of them human stories, grim, yet artfully composed, almost painted.... Click there to reach the archives and playlist for this week's horrorcast™.

Next week: a LIVE SET from HERCYN ... (FB event)


  1. So when will Angel Marcloid perform live on My Castle?

  2. Whenever she wants, pretty much!!

  3. I saw Angel at the Milwaukee Noise Fest a couple months ago—very cool!