Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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Whoa. The digital distribution of out-of-print and net releases by Rainbow Bridge / Justin Marc Lloyd is a veritable color-noiseter's field day, even if you just want to open your browser & listen. The c18 split between False Flag and Zone Tripper (orig. Forever Escaping Boredom), a scrying mirror to something truly new. The battle against mediocrity continues forever, it's an ongoing campaign that requires due diligence. DO NOT EVEN ASK FOR A SMOKE BREAK.

With that in mind, tired of everyone, no REALLY tired, of those refusing to live out loud on Internet social networks. WHY? What have thee to lose? What might your high-school friends think? ... SCREAM! Scream your freakishness from every mountaintop. (Listening right now, Neo Zelanda's vocalist sounds like she's screaming, "es Posehn," and last night in the car, Intolitarian's singer was surely saying "Mort Sahl" - it's all right there, just below the surface, and as Carlos Castañeda eventually concluded, you don't need drugs to get there.) Oh, and embedded at bottom is the music - AND ALSO, TOO...BEEN TRIPPING OUT TO "Inappropriate King Live"'s Datboonbaat - a sonic-garage-sale of Bladder Flask-caliber collage greatness.

And yes, I'll be returning to WFMU's airwaves, YET AGAIN, this time guest-DJing the great Distort Jersey City program, on Weds. 31st July, and thanks Deed Runlea for the opportunity. Nothing but a solid hour of modern punk and hardcore; my selections (7-8 p.m. ET), Reed's forum. ...And, a "proper" MCoQ fill-in for Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine on 15 Aug., noon-3 p.m. ET. So there, you've been informed (better than being informed upon!)

And yeah, Elke. suck it. Suck it from across the atrium. You AND your little, red-bobbed hat.

Lastly, as promised, the free downloads of exceptional and/or oop music continues on this forum,  with this colorful, electronic curio—Vangelis' OST (1970; a prime, fertile era for the composer) to the film Sex Power—a powerfully engaging, BBW of an electronic score, so dig.

Vangelis - Sex Power OST

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