Friday, October 12, 2012

Horrendipity! ... The sounds of horror will be my lullaby tonight.

Thanks to SiHV for "Teeth clean, metal black." That really made my morning!

As I wrote in an email to a friend the other day—with me, it's always personal, never business. When an emotional (and by consequence, physical) boulder hits, it's for real, and this is not some "personae" I do on the radio; the selections of the My Castle of Quiet radio show are meant to be a strong, lurid, visceral painting of my life. The music that moves me, inspires me, and causes me to contemplate, and just happens to sound really good all together under one umbrella, is assembled, each stray raindrop, with care, and the utilization of the mood of the moment.

I feel like I should add now that my less-than-plussed reaction to last week's program had nothing at all to reflect upon the show's content—was all about me, and I'm not faking it, when I sometimes cannot even fulfill my own self-set obligation to wax positive and energetic about any given week's show. Enough. This is the time of the life of the time, etc.

This week, we were treated to no less than two sets I could die happy after presenting, live performances that were moving, and of great dynamics and improvisational strength, those of Lea Bertucci (solo) and the duo of K-Salvatore. Holy hell, ladies and gents! What a fortunate one I am to hover around such great music, and fulfill some set-by-fate purpose to bring it you. Music is my salvation and my safe haven.
J'annonce un Service de petit ami avant-dernier MCoQ. Je ne suis plus sûrement la meilleure suivant dernière que pourrait vouloir à n'importe quelle Dame. A quelques mois avec moi est un passage presque garanti à l'homme que vous êtes véritablement destiné à passer le reste de votre vie avec. résultats prouvée à 90 % ; Je suis collecte de témoignages que je tape. Pensez-y, Mesdames et communiquer avec Et oui, il doit y avoir sexe. Ajoute à la douleur.

MCoQ から 2 番目のボーイ フレンド サービスを発表しています。私は最も確かに、最高次にどんな女性がしたいこと最後。私は数ヶ月はほぼ保証の橋に男あなた本当にであなたの人生の残りの部分を費やすことを意味しています。90% の実績のある結果。私はタイプとしてお客様の声を集めています。女性は、それについて考える、 にお問い合わせください。はい、セックスする必要があります。痛みに追加します。

MCoQ Penultimate 남자 친구 서비스를 발표 해요. 내가 가장 확실 하 게는 최고의 다음 마지막 어떤 여자를 원하는 수 있습니다. 나와 함께 몇 개월은 거의 보장된 다리는 사람에 게 있어 진정으로 의미 하는 당신은 당신의 삶의 나머지 부분을 보내고 있습니다. 90% 입증 결과; 입력 사례를 수집 해요. 아가씨, 그것에 대해 생각 하 고 castle@wfmu.org에 게 연락. 그리고 네, 섹스 수 있어야 합니다. 고통에 추가합니다.

MCoQ, si réel et pourtant tellement faux !

Industrielle! Goatvargr was a nice gut-punch after distractingly eerie, painting-like live sets. Those with synaesthesia understand. You feel the color; it either touches your hair lovingly, or drives you to march. Other playlist faves were the new Aluk Todolo (which it must be said is like some kind of great, lost, 70s rock record- a double-CD of music that recalls Slint and Tortoise as much as it emulates 70s longhair bands like Guru Guru and Hawkwind.)

Dope, from Russia, have also been getting a strong and consistent reaction. At this stage, their discography pretty much consists of in-Russia-only CDrs ... it's a matter, as well, of forthcoming releases that I won't use this space to mention, but Dope's longish-form black-psych-noise is hard to ignore, and I know I LIKE IT!

Not enough can be said here about the greatness of our live sets last night, so I'll save those thoughts, which surely will expand upon further listens, for the FMA postings. Let's just say that I was thoroughly dazzled and entranced by Lea's music, while K-Salvatore simultaneously impressed me and genuinely creeped me out, like the Curse of the Demon demon, emerging from the woods.

I'll be back next week with The Sonics of Terror - a long overdue three-hour selection of horror- and thriller-film soundtrack music, as well as newer projects that it inspired.

Click on the screen capture of poor Nina, once again from Nick Philips' Satan's Black Wedding, to reach the playlist and audio archive of last night's horrorcast™. And, if you would, please help that little white rectangle up top of this page move a bit. I set the "Castle goal" a bit higher this year, as I sensed that the show, its notoriety and listenership, had grown tremendously in the last twelve months. Now no one will believe me unless I show up with money. ... huh.

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