Friday, March 16, 2012

Torch lights on!


It doesn't matter whether you believe in powerful spirits; energies that slam doors and cause the tides to rise. I know now, after my experience that night beyond the dblglas, all the way up on that elevator that seems it will surely crap out and leave you stranded, claustrophobia rising, at the end of that long, narrow room, that which would make a larger man nervous. Your body makes a "T" with the turntables, and you'd better learn to be comfortable there.

Thereupon the dblglas, did I see with my naked eyes the movement of the Wretched Worst, that like a wounded boar, making its way insistently through the forest, on to a greater battle? or to wherever boars live. Slinging metal Frisbees—hair, drumsticks, and guitar necks drawing crazy, narrow, 25- to 45-degree angles in laser not visible to the naked eye.

Wretched Worst did play, and play they did, like masons without tools, punching the floor in case the boss walks by. HAHAHAHAHA.


They did sign my foul contract (for I always keep a copy in my pocket), and hence their set (the Wretched Worst) will post as mp3s in more-or-less than a fortnight. Catch them tonight, March 16th in Providence, RI at AS220 w/ SHV, Veiled and Male Perverts, or tomorrow, March 17th, in Brooklyn at La Sala w/ Form A Log, OPPONENTS and High School Confidential.

Wretched Worst will have new cassettes Sisters' Piss + Sisters' Piss II, bloody t-shirts, and more.

Forming an audible and somewhat visible pivot to WW's magnificent set, was the choppy, angry, sometimes-a-black-metal song, sometimes a bone-breaking dervish, selection of pieces from TRTRKMMR, their side of the split LP with Dead Times. Many comments on the comments board for that one, as well as the new-ish Grasshoper opus, Classical Music, brought to us by 905 Tapes (we heard "Destroyed In Seconds"); Grasshopper NEVER fail to inspire live kudos-throwing on our comments board, no not never.

OPPONENTS' Sleepy Hollow ltd. cassette edition, wowed with the title track, "Broken Divine," and Filthy Turd continued to inspire amazement and much scratching of heads.

That's it for now. Click on the apple up top, take it, etc. etc. The archive and playlist of last night's horrorcast™ await thee, and probably some other distressing shit, too.

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