Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tonight, on the Castle - Jabladav

Jabladav approach black metal from a strikingly unique, idiosyncratic perspective, adding decided prog moves, Greg Ginn-style guitar freakouts, ambient drone, and even (horrors!) a well-developed sense of humor, to the expected obsession with graveyards, forests and the blackest blackness of spirit possible. Tune in when this NC-based, one-man metal phenomenon (aka James H.) joins My Castle of Quiet for a phone interview, the premiere of one brand-new, WFMU-exclusive track—"Loss"—and a sampling of the new full-length Jabladav release, Atta Vinter. The new track and album are nothing short of Jabladav's finest work to date, on a par with the Primland 2CD, in that these releases both heartily satisfy, as well as aggressively redefine, the sometimes narrow genre definitions of "black metal" and "progressive rock."

Doors @ 8 p.m. ET.
Jabladav @ 9.


  1. Hi, I don't want be banned or censored, but I hate black metal and death metal, pretty much because these bands tend to like playing the satanic role.

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