Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Album of the Day - Some of My Own Shit

These are the sounds I make, at least since 2001—inspired by the moods and music of horror films, 70s progressive rock, Nurse With Wound, H.N.A.S., and the rats that lived in the crawlspace under my porch for several months. Since I'm finishing up a new disc, I thought it was time I gave the previous one away, free for interested parties:

Wm. Berger - My Castle of Quiet (2007)

Recorded 2003-2007. Artwork included.

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  1. So great. As always. Another one for my Berger archives (yes, it IS cool that someone out there has one, right?). Thanks so much.

    While I'm here... you'll want to know I just got back from an experimental noise show this evening at a club here in Orlando, Florida, featuring local talent. It actually turned out to be pretty amazing stuff... you would absolutely have loved it, I know I did.