Sunday, September 6, 2009

Slasher Risk—I'll Take That Risk!

Brooklyn's Slasher Risk combine so many elements that I love: basement/practice-space noise; the sonic echoes of everything from Albrecht D, to The Velvet Underground, Total and Whitehouse; and an overpowering live show. Basically one man, one woman, one or two guitars, sometimes a drum kit, some effect boxes, and anything goes. Their recordings are eclectic and bewitching—from evocative interludes, to minimalist rock, to completely unhinged emotional release.

Their live set (or at least the one I've seen so far—ABC No Rio, 9/5/09) was mighty intense, providing that necessary pummeling we all need sometimes (admittedly, I probably need it more often than many.)

Here are some still shots, and a brief video to underscore my point. Many thanks to Witchbeam and those Grasshopper boys for insisting that I investigate this native euphony/cacophony.

[[Market Hotel show on October 3rd -- CANCELED. Watch the band's MySpace (link above) for upcoming gigs. Slasher Risk will be playing live on WFMU's My Castle of Quiet in October.]]

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